The first ONCOBIOME General Assembly has been held in Turin

In January 16-17, 2020 the first General Assembly (GA) of the Oncobiome Project has been held in the Aula Magna of the Rectorate of University of Turin organized by the local Partners, Dr Alessio G. Naccarati (IIGM) and Dr Francesca Cordero (University of Turin) and their staff. The GA was preceeded by three lectures open to the general audience held by experts on the field of microbiome, metabolism and cancer: Dr George Zeller, Prof Patrice Cani, Scientific Advisory board members of the EU Project, and Prof Guido Kroemer, partner of the Project.

After this successful opening and the Steering Committee meeting to overview the current status of the Project, the GA has finally started with the presence of about 50 members. Sections were organized either according to the investigated cancers in the Project or by specific issues, such as the database creation. In the evening, a social dinner has been offered to the participants at the Ristorante Arcadia where they have got the occasion to continue their discussion in a pleasant atmosphere. The second and conclusive day during the Scientific Advisory Board meeting, the members of Oncobiome have organized smaller workshops dedicated to specific topics to implement the communication between partners and the organization of the Project. Presentations and interventions by the participants were video-recorded.

The Organizers are very thankful to Euroclone Spa and Promega Italia Srl who have kindly offered supporting material for the participants. The catering service organized by la Piazza dei Mestieri,  provided very good coffee-breaks and lunches.