American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023; 2023 Apr 14-19; Orlando, FL

Posters acknowledging Oncobiome:
  1. Abstract 6224: Exploring the integration of CMS subtyping and other omics in colorectal cancer classification and its reflection in stool miRNome and metagenome for non-invasive precision medicine
    Amedeo Gagliardi; Giulia Francesca; Giulio Ferrero; Sonia Tarallo; Giulia Piaggeschi; Antonio Francavilla; Carla Di Battista; Enrico Berrino; Caterina Marchiò; Francesca Cordero; Barbara Pardini; Alessio Naccarati
  2. Abstract 3797: Fecal miRNA profiles and gut metagenome composition in Lynch syndrome: results from a mouse model study and human subjects
    Giulia Francescato; Giulio Ferrero; Marc Beltrà; Sonia Tarallo; Giulia Piaggeschi; Carla Di Battista; Antonio Francavilla; Carlijn Bruggeling; Fabio Penna; Barbara Pardini; Paola Costelli; Annemarie Boleij; Alessio Naccarati
    This poster received the AACR-Pezcoller Foundation Scholar-in-Training Awards

European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) Annual Meeting 2023; 2023 June 12-15; Turin, Italy

Posters acknowledging Oncobiome:
  1. Abstract P-0321: Small non-coding RNA profiling in human tissue and stool samples for the identification of potential biomarkers for CRC early diagnosis
    Carla Di Battista, Sonia Tarallo, Amedeo Gagliardi, Giulia Francescato, Francescato4, Giulio Ferrero, Eva Budinska, Veronika Vymetalkova, Pavel Vodicka, Barbara Pardini, Alessio Naccarati
  2. Abstract P-0012: Integrative omic analysis of faecal samples shows novel miRNA-mediated host-microbiota interactions in colorectal cancer
    Giulio Ferrero, Barbara Pardini, Sonia Tarallo, Barbora Zwinsová, Ludmila Vodickova, Pavel Vodicka, Nicola Segata, Francesca Cordero, Eva Budinska, Alessio Naccarati
  3. Abstract P-0530: Fecal miRNA profiles and metagenome composition in a mouse model for Lynch syndrome and in humans carrying the disease mutations
    Giulia Francescato, Giulio Ferrero, Marc Beltrà Bach, Sonia Tarallo, Carlijn Bruggeling, Fabio Penna, Paola Costelli, Annemarie Boleij, Barbara Pardini, Alessio Naccarati
  4. Abstract P-0570: A multi-omics approach to investigate how the stool miRNome and microbiome reflect CMS subtyping for colorectal cancer classification.
    Amedeo Gagliardi, Giulia Francescato, Giulio Ferrero, Sonia Tarallo, Giulia Piaggeschi, Antonio Francavilla, Carla Di Battista1, Enrico Berrino, Caterina Marchiò, Francesca Cordero, Barbara Pardini, Alessio Naccarati


An international conference organized by the Chaperon project, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University, in cooperation with the Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS (Prague, Czech Republic; May 29 and 30, 2023).

Oral Presentation acknowledging Oncobiome:

Consensus molecular subtyping and other omics in colorectal cancer classification: an integrative approach to improve the classification and its reflection in stool miRNome and metagenome
Barbara Pardini

Oral Presentation acknowledging Oncobiome:

A fecal miRNA signature by small RNA sequencing accurately distinguishes colorectal cancers and adenomas: results from a multicentric international study

Alessio Naccarati

The relevant scientific conferences were regularly identified, carefully selected and participants had the opportunity to provide information on the Project to the relevant target audiences, while introducing ONCOBIOME to various closely related initiatives. Here is provided a list of main events where ONCOBIOME has been presented or quoted.

  • « Imaging tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T-cells in non-small cell lung cancer patients upon neo-adjuvant treatment with durvalumab” J. de Vries EMIM, 14-18 March 2022 Thessaloniki, Greece
  • “Microbiota-Centered Interventions for the Future of Immuno-Oncology” L. Zitvogel Transatlantic Exchanges in Immuno-Oncology – Dana Farber / Gustave Roussy Days in Oncology, 13 May 2022
  • “The cancer associated 8q24 region: evidence of alterations of specific miRNAs in biofluids from colorectal cancer and bladder patient” Francescato G, Gagliardi A … Naccarati A… Poster presentation at the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) Annual meeting 2022, 20-23 June 2022, Seville Spain
  • « A Transcriptional and post-transcriptional network analyses in colorectal cancer subtypes and their reflection in surrogate biospecimens” Gagliardi A, Francescato G …Naccarati A. Poster presentation at the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) Annual meeting 2022, 20-23 June 2022, Seville Spain
  • « Longitudinal analysis reveals gut microbiota shift during standard therapies in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) » C. Alves Costa Silva ESMO Annual meeting, 9-13 September 2022, Paris, France
  • « Microbiome » L. Derosa ESMO Annual meeting, 9-13 September 2022, Paris, France
  • “Preventive Anti-inflammatory Diet to Reduce Gastrointestinal Inflammation in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Patients: A Prospective Pilot Study” Belfiore A, Ciniselli CM, Signoroni S, Gariboldi M, Ferrero G, Illescas O, Mancini A, Rivoltini L, Morelli D, Bruno E, Macciotta A, Ricci MT, Brignola C, Daveri E, Cattaneo L, Gargano G, Apolone G, Milione M, Verderio P, Pasanisi P, Vitellaro M. InSiGHT biennial meeting 14-17 Sept 2022 Jersey City / New York City, USA
  • « Microbiota-centered Interventions to circumvent primary resistance to I-O » L. Zitvogel ITOC, 22-24 September 2022, Munich, Germany
  • « Microbiota-centered interventions for IO: the next step? » L. Zitvogel InCIT, 26-27 September 2022 Nantes, France
  • “Dendritic cells in the tumor microenvironment” J. de Vries PIVAC, 26-29 September 2022, Turin, Italy.
  • « Integrating the microbiota in our understanding of cancer immunosurveillance » L. Ztivogel CICON, 28 September – 1 October 2022, New York, USA
  • « The gut-cancer dialogue governing tumor immunosurveillance » L. Zitvogel Cell Symposia Hallmarks of cancer, 30 October – 1 November 2022, San Diego, USA